Premiere in Krakau (14. – 16.6.2019), Berlin (21. – 22.6.) und Mülheim (29.6.)

How has the present become what it is?
Kainkollektiv and the Teatr Nowy Krakow set out on a search to create a panorama of past futures and future pasts.

Things are getting tighter in Europe. Political models that had long been thought obsolete are on the return. Classic science fiction books are set to play in a future that already dates back to 2019 for us. What happened to their utopias? Despite all dystopias, the performance looks at a transnational map of Europe. The performers report on a landscape between the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea, also called Sarmatia in ancient times. They change between their characters and historical figures. The stage becomes a theatrical camp in which these personalities speak to us through the performers and become contemporaries of Sarmatia. The audience is invited to a journey through time and space.