dialogue on difference – in Alexandria, Kairo und Wien

In April 2019 Claudia Bosse and Abdalla Daif present their performance dialogue on difference as part of two festivals in Egypt – theater is a must in Alexandria and d-caf/downtown in Cairo. The work was developed during several research phases in Alexandria, Cairo and Vienna and is a performative dialogue in Englisch, Arabic and German about the construction of gender, ideologies and subjectivities in different realities and different geopolitical environments.

Caudia Bosse and Abdalla Daif perform, speak, discuss, sing, move, comment, confront each other in different media constellations. They become subject and object of their joint research, they are performers, witnesses and archives of their cultural practice. Preliminary research in Egypt and Austria form the basis of this work. From different perspectives, the German director and choreographer and the Egyptian performance artist and producer are questioning events of the present, their own living environment and that of the other.

4 April 2019
as part of theater is a must festival, Alexandria
Jesuit Cultural Center

14 – 15 April 2019
as part of d-caf/downtown contemporary arts festival, Cairo
Tamara Building

16 – 17 November 2019
Kosmos Theater, Vienna