WHO RUN THE WORLD von Nicoleta Esinencu am Theater Rampe, Foto: Ronny Schönebaum
RADIO UNIVERSE von Nino Haratischwili, Hessisches Landestheater Marburg und Tumanishvili Film Actors Theatre Tiflis. Foto: Kathrin Sander Lire la suite
BATTLER'S OPERA von Brakula e.V., Hamburg @ ZadARSnova Festival, Foto: Mario Ilic Lire la suite
ESCAPE ROOM EUROPE / hannsjana und STEREO Akt (Foto: Marie Weich) Lire la suite
EQUINOX / Grotest Maru und I-act + The Alternative Theatre Group Lire la suite
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Ausschreibungen von IFA und ITI

Aktuelle Ausschreibungen für ein Austauschstipendium des IFA (CrossCultureProgramm) bzw. die Teilnahme am internationalen Übersetzerworkshop bei den Mülheimer Theatertagen 2019 von ITI und Goethe Institut:

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God’s Entertainment: CONVAKATARY KONAK

As part of the festival Politik im freien Theater in Munich 3. / 5. / 8. november:
GOD’S ENTERTAINMENT will turn the theater space into a KONAK (Turkish: residence) of numerous peoples and confessions: a bubbling meeting space where not just the paths but also the swords of the Occident and Orient cross.


Nino Haratischwilis directs her piece RADIO UNIVERSE with a German-Georgian ensemble.
One night. Six people. Two different countries. In Germany, snow is falling, in Georgia, bombs are falling. The stories, wishes and emotions are connected via the radio presenter Joe and his RADIO UNIVERSE.
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Beyoncé’s song RUN THE WORLD (GIRLS) is the starting point for the theatre project WHO RUN THE WORLD. Author and theatre director Nicoleta Esinencu from Chisinau and her German colleague Marie Bues from Stuttgart examine the situation of women in Moldova and Germany, in Eastern and Western Europe. Where are we now after 100 years of feminist movement?

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The cooperation between Brakula e. V. Hamburg and ZADARSNOVA Festiva Croatia results in a hip-hop cover of Beggar’s Opera adapted by Edo Maajkaat. A group of break dancers around Borys Shevchenko from Hamburg meet the civil scene of Zadar in the contemporary opera of the working class. For further details see the festival’s website
(Foto: Borys Shevchenko)

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Anmeldung Newsletter

Gemäß neuer Datenschutzverordnung, die am 25. Mai 2018 in Kraft getreten ist, haben wir Sie gebeten, Ihre Anmeldung für unseren Newsletter zu erneuern. Sofern nicht schon geschehen, haben Sie hier die Möglichkeit.

Call for papers ‘Mobility of aesthetics’

The Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute Poland and the German Centre of the International Theatre Institute organize a conference on the ‘Mobility of aestehtics’ in Warsaw from Oct. 12th  to 13th 2018. Together with ENICPA and On-the-move they invite artists, artistic directors of theaters and festivals as well as theatre scientists, journalists and students to discuss aspects of mobility. Please see the programme here.

HAUPTSACHE SIE SCHIESSEN NICHT (As long as they don’t shoot)

It was supposed to be a hunt. That’s why one was on the lookout, met secretly with informants in dark corners or tried tocall Radovan Karadžić’s daughter in the Republika Srpska Parliament. That was the plan. At the end of their trip through Bosnia, however, Vernesa Berbo, Moritz Sauer and Stephanie Zurstegge had not spoken to the children of the war criminals of the Bosnian war from 1992 to 1995.

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