Photo: Nao Maltese

Photo: Nao Maltese

Collaborative Partners
Tim Zulauf / KMUProduktionen, Zurich, Switzerland and Dream City – biennale d’art contemporain en espace public, Tunis, Tunisia

Project description
TROLLHAUS – MAISON DE TROLLS examines public and private spheres in the age of digital networks in the cases of Tunisia and Switzerland. The team of artists – made up of actors, cyber activists and internet experts – explore the question of what role computer know-how and platforms such as Facebook and twitter had during Arab revolutions.  An answer will also be sought to how acts of speaking and network forms, and the virtual world, impact our real public spaces. The team of artists will develop a stage installation in which the actors, accompanied by a Tunisian musician, will switch rooms with the use of a fictional elevator. The real and tangible stage space will be contrasted with the abstract and virtual world – in addition, know-how and future variations of knowledge will be projected.

19 August 2017 | Premiere, Zürcher Theater Spektakel 2017, Zurich
20 to 23 August 2017 | Presentation, Zürcher Theater Spektakel 2017, Zurich

4 to 8 October 2017 | Presentation, Biennale „Dream City“, Tunis

Further information
Tim Zulauf / KMUProduktionen
Dream City – biennale d’art contemporain en espace public