Das Kind und der Krieg 2_KOPIECollaborative Partners
Svetlana Fourer Ensemble, Cologne, Germany and Теаtr.doc / Elena Gremina, Moscow, Russia and Andriy May, Kiew, Ukraine

Project description
In THE CHILD AND THE WAR, the Ukrainian crisis serves as a motivation to examine the effects of war from children perspectives. 75 years after the end of World War II, Europe is once again facing a political and humanitarian dilemma. The response to it will shape the lives of future generations. The project is focused on the question to what extent children’s approaches can break through traditional thought patterns – and: can war memories prevent a new war from breaking out? In three groups, the cooperation partners research the memories and stories of people from the generations between 1935 and 2015 who have all experienced war as a child.

9 November 2017 | Premiere in Cologne
further shows on 10, 16 + 17 November
beginning of December 2017 | Premiere in Kiev (dates tbc)
16 + 17 December | Premiere in Moscow


Further information
Svetlana Fourer Ensemble