Review 2016

The Robert Bosch Stiftung and the International Theatre Institute brought together the cooperation projects of the funding rounds  2015 and 2016 for a work meeting in Berlin from 12 to 14 October.

Kickoff 12 October, 2016
The Kickoff and Get-Together of the symposium was designed by the artists of matthaei und konsorten and artists from Morocco and Jordan who invited the participants to the Urban Walk COMMON SPACE ABC. The Walk with different stops in Berlin-Kreuzberg formed the conclusion of the project COMMON SPACE ABC, which collected reports of research and debates, field recordings as well as scientific input from three years of research work in Amman, Casablanca and Berlin.

Insight into the project landscape
The installation tour “Walk the talk” gave the funded projects of the last and current funding rounds  a platform to present their projects to each other  and to the public. At eight stations 16 cooperation projects gave insights into their work and presented themselves by using images, sound and performative implementations. Here you can find out more about the projects:
Walk the talk – presentation of the cooperation projects

In total, 16 participants from the countries of Egypt, Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Morocco, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine and Hungary participated in the symposium Change of Scene. Reframing Cooperation.

The question “Does artistic collaboration ever work?” was a further focus on Thursday. With their keynotes, the Polish Curator Anda Rottenberg and the Egyptian Cultural Manager Basma El Husseiny approached the topic with two different perspectives. Anda Rottenberg presented a historical embedding of the  performing  arts, and Basma El Husseiny asked how fairness in international cultural projects could be mesured, especially facing the imbalance between European and Arab institutions. In the subsequent conversation with the South-East Europe expert Gemma Pörzgen, strategies and possibilities of cross-border artistic cooperation were discussed.

Meeting, Exchange, Experience
On the third day, the invited artists, experts and guests discussed the challenges and needs of international cooperation, as experienced in everyday practice, in three parallel workshops. Among others, questions due to visa problems, the dealing with existing inequalities of cooperation partners (financial, structural, etc.), artists’ responsibility as well as aspects of intercultural communication were discussed.

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