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Theaterwerkstatt Hannover. Ahmed Ezzat Elalfy – For Heavens Sake, Icarus! Foto © Private
Theater Bielefeld. Kultura Medialna. Egons “Zee” Upitis – Divided Together, Foto © Private
Alexander Paulick. Adel Abdel Wahab – Musik für unaufführbares Theater, Foto © Melina Pafundi
LIGNA. informbureau – Rausch und Zorn. Studien zum autoritären Charakter, Foto © Anja Beutler
Mindj Panther, Foto © Drago Palavra
andcompany&Co. iNViSiBLE REPUBLiC – Summer in Sofia 1968, Foto © Kathrin Krottenthaler
Nicoleta Esinencu. Theater Rampe – WHO RUN THE WORLD, Foto ©: Ronny Schönebaum
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urban laboratory IDEAL PARADISE ukraine: following the trace

Foto: Claudia Bosse

The installation “Following the trace” consists of three multi media works dealing with the body as medium for mappings and performative interventions: the video installation “following the trace of water”, the audio installation “when you stand still it is the best position in the city” and audios and videos on a series of choreoraphic interventions “applied poetics in urban space”, developed in in Charkiv und Kiev in 2017 as part of a longer reserach of theatercombinat, in collaboration with urban curators.
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Ausgehend vom dreiteiligen Theaterprojekt DAS KIND UND DER KRIEG schreibt Anja Quickert in ihrer Reportage über alte und neue Kriegserfahrungen in Kiew und Moskau. Erstabdruck in Theater heute 3/2018.

Die Wahrheit der Zeitzeugen
Was hat der Krieg in der Ukraine mit Deutschland zu tun?

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161014 Szenenwechsel-21Thank you for the submitted applications!

Any applications for the programme ‘Change of Scene’ arriving later than 15 February 2018 can not be considered.
The list of supported projects will be published end of May/ beginning of June 2018.


Faltet_Eure_Welt_Insz_FotoOrigami artist Ossama Helmy and theater director Lydia Ziemke developed together with young people from Egypt and Germany stories about freedom and responsibility which were adapted for the stage with Grips ensemble actors.
Premiere 23.11.2017 at Grips Theater
further shows 24., 25. + 27.11.2017, 11. – 13.01.2018 and 22.- 25.05.2018
coproduction: suite42 (Berlin) und Arab Origami Center (Egypt)
Jens Mondalski, Esther Agricola, Ossama Helmy
© Jörg Metzner



God’s Entertainment: CONVAKATARY KONAK

gods_entertainmentAs part of season opening at kampnagel 12.-10.10.2017:
GOD’S ENTERTAINMENT will turn the theater space into a KONAK (Turkish: residence) of numerous peoples and confessions: a bubbling meeting space where not just the paths but also the swords of the Occident and Orient cross.