Collaborative Partners
God’s Entertainment, Vienna, Austria and KOMITET / OpArt – Festival und Verein, Opatija, Croatia

Project description
The Balkans as an interface between the orient and occident is the focal point of the CONVAKATARY KONAK – A EUROPEAN CHRONICLE project. The question of why inter-cultural and communications processes favor a political separation between both cultural spheres is the center of interest, all when considering the background of ethnic, religious and cultural differences in the present and past. Translation has a particular relevance here: who is representing whom in the act of translating? Translation is understood as a political act and is simultaneously the source of a search for identity as well as difference. Ivo Andrić’s novel “The Days of the consuls” (“Travnička hronika”) serves as the point of departure for a “European chronicle” that is meant to reflect the plurality of both cultural spheres. In the research process, the cooperation partners examine the parallels between the novel and the current developments in Europe; the results culminate in a theater performance.

12 October 2017 | Premiere at Kampnagel (K1), Hamburg
13 / 14 October 2017 | Further performances at Kampnagel (K1), Hamburg
3 / 5 / 6 November 2018 | PIFT Münchener Kammerspiele

Further Info
God’s Entertainment
PIFT Münchener Kammerspiele