EQUINOX: facade performance and German-Arabic cultural exchange

1705_EquinoxBerlin_facebook-01A week-end with Grotest Maru and I-act/The Alternative Theatre Group
Who are we? Where do we come from? What connects us all? These are some of the questions which Grotest Maru (Berlin, Germany) and I-act/The Alternative Theatre Group (ATG) (Alexandria, Egypt) explored in their project EQUINOX, an encounter between Alexandria and Berlin, a link between a sunken city and a contested city.

The project tells about the longing for the golden age of Alexandria, former metropolis of the ancient world, it narrates stories about the struggle for space and resources in Berlin, about the production of knowledge and the search for an adequate path.

After a first work phase in Alexandria the cooperation partners meet again in Berlin to continue the artistic exchange. On 10 and 11 June, 2017 they present EQUINOX in Kunsthaus KuLe. The side program also includes film screenings, readings, the chance to discover the arabic language with Amr Kassen and to enjoy the concert “Berlin meets Alexandria“. A roundtable is organized on Sunday evening on the topic “Freelance theatre in Berlin – Alexandria/German-Arabic cultural exchange“. Guests are Mahmoud Aboudoma (I-act/ATG, Alexandria), Janina Benduski (1. President of the Federal Association for indipendent performative arts), Lydia Ziemke (Director suite42).

Free entrance.


When: 10 and 11 June, 2017
Where: Kunsthaus KuLe, Auguststraße 10, 10117 Berlin
Future performances: 17 June, 2017, FinE Stadtfest, Eberswalde, Town hall

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