bild_webCollaborative Partners
Theaterlabor Bielefeld, Bielefeld, Germany and Kultura Medialna,
Dnipropetrowsk, Ukraine

Project description
The interdisciplinary performance by the Theaterlabor Bielefeld in cooperation with the Ukrainian Kultura Medialna festival and the Latvian filmmaker Egons `Zee´ Upitis focuses on artistic perspectives on the violent conflict in the Ukraine. The borders between the conflict’s parties – Ukrainians and separatists – are removed in a virtual space; the front lines dissolve. In the form of a 360° documentary film, the separation of the two sides will be cinematically blurred in clever transitions. As a part of the project „Crisis – Trauma – Hope“, BORDERLINE is attempting to make the political situation and crisis tangible, and overcome it in solidarity. The project’s partners will develop an installation from the video documentation; it will be presented as a video walk with live elements.

13 to 19 November 2017 | Performance of a video walk during “360°” Festival, Bielefeld
May/June 2018 | “Divided Together”: filming virtual performance with Zee Upitis and Theaterlabor on both the Ukrainian and the separatist sides
2018 | presentation of virtual performance “Divided Together”, Kultura Medialna Festival

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Kultura Medialna