TROLLHAUS: Tim Zulauf/KMUProduktionen und Dream City – biennale d’art contemporain en espace public, Tunis (Foto: Nik Spoerri) Continue reading
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BIOTOPIA / Westflügel Leipzig und Solniki 44 (Foto: Przemek Sejwa) Continue reading
Escape Room Europe_STEREO Akthannsjana
ESCAPE ROOM EUROPE / hannsjana und STEREO Akt (Foto: Marie Weich) Continue reading
THE JOURNEY DROM / Per aspera e. V. und Kultura Nova, Novi Sad Continue reading
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THOUGHTS MEET SPACE CAIRO / theatercombinat Wien Continue reading
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EQUINOX / Grotest Maru und I-act + The Alternative Theatre Group Continue reading
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Individual consultation

Bild-für-BeratungstextDo you have questions concerning the current call for proposals? You are welcome to make an appointment (please email to s.hilmer@iti-germany.de) at the German Centre of the International Theater Institute to discuss your proposal.


Lydia from Berlin and Lydia from Bejaia meet in the transit area of Paris airport. There is a cold atmosphere of fear. Each sound is perceived as a threat. It is not simply the fear of being the victim of the next bomb, it is also the uncertainty about the absolute arbitrariness of the current violence. Today everyone can be the victim of any attack. The stories of the two women reflect parts of the historical developments in Europe, especially in East Germany, and North Africa, especially in Algeria, which have contributed to this atmosphere.

German Premiere 2nd of February 2018 at TAK Kreuzberg (in German, Arabic and French with surtitles)


ansicht_6868Krasnaya Shpana together with the group of artists and participants from Hamburg  will show a work-in-progress of  “Wem gehört die Avantgarde? Malevich-Projekt.” For further information, please see kampnagel or shpana.




Current Call for Proposals ends Feb. 15!

161014 Szenenwechsel-21

Applications for international cooperative projects in the performing arts between partners from the German-speaking countries and partners in North Africa or Eastern Europe can be submitted until Feb. 15! Applications are welcome from theaters as well as independent companies and artists’ groups working in theater, dance, performance, music theater and puppetry.
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Faltet_Eure_Welt_Insz_FotoOrigami artist Ossama Helmy and theater director Lydia Ziemke developed together with young people from Egypt and Germany stories about freedom and responsibility which were adapted for the stage with Grips ensemble actors.
Premiere 23.11.2017 at Grips Theater
further shows 24., 25. + 27.11.2017 and 11. – 13.01.2018
coproduction: suite42 (Berlin) und Arab Origami Center (Egypt)
Jens Mondalski, Esther Agricola, Ossama Helmy
© Jörg Metzner




bild_webSince 2016 Theaterlabor Bielefeld has been working on the project Krise Trauma Hoffnung (crisis – trauma – hope) with partners from Ireland, Serbia and the Ukraine. They will now present a series of works as part of a public  presentation forum from Nov. 15 to 19 in Bielefeld with – among many other contributions – the video walk “Divided Together” by Zee Upitis.


Das Kind und der Krieg 2

Premiere 9 Nov. 2017, Alte Feuerwache Cologne
further shows 10, 16 + 17 Nov. 2017

Since the start of the conflicts in Ukraine in 2014 relations between Russia, Germany and the Ukraine have been tense. 75 after the end of the Second World War Europe faces a new dilemma and our approach with the current situation will influence coming generations:
Will the Ukrainian crisis turn into the cause for a new ‘Cold War’?
Under the title ‘The Child And The War’ the Svetlana Fourer Ensemble presents a documentary theatre piece consisting of 3 parts which was developed together with the Wsewolod-Meyerhold-Centre and the National Theatre, Kiev and teatr.doc, Moscow.


God’s Entertainment: CONVAKATARY KONAK

gods_entertainmentAs part of season opening at kampnagel 12.-10.10.2017:
GOD’S ENTERTAINMENT will turn the theater space into a KONAK (Turkish: residence) of numerous peoples and confessions: a bubbling meeting space where not just the paths but also the swords of the Occident and Orient cross.