LA PEUR DOIT CHANGER DE CAMP von suite 42 (Berlin) und Omar Fetmouche (Théatre Bejaia) Continue reading
DAS KIND UND DER KRIEG von Svetlana Fourer (Köln), Andrij May (Kiew) und teatr.doc (Moskau), Foto: Anastasia Mantach Continue reading
DAS KIND UND DER KRIEG von Svetlana Fourer (Köln), Andrij May (Kiew), teatr.doc (Moskau), Foto: Anastasia Mantach Continue reading
TROLLHAUS: Tim Zulauf/KMUProduktionen und Dream City – biennale d’art contemporain en espace public, Tunis (Foto: Nik Spoerri) Continue reading
BIOTOPIA / Westflügel Leipzig und Solniki 44 (Foto: Przemek Sejwa) Continue reading
ESCAPE ROOM EUROPE / hannsjana und STEREO Akt (Foto: Marie Weich) Continue reading
EQUINOX / Grotest Maru und I-act + The Alternative Theatre Group Continue reading
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ansicht_6868After ‘work-in-progress’-showings of the “Wem gehört die Avantgarde? Malevich-Projekt.” in February, the group will be back on 11/12 May 2018 as part of the festival KRASS: The Krasnaya Shpana Cooperative for Artistic Research will both give a lecture and present the performative installation “An Airport named Malevich” at the Kampnagel-Garten.


urban laboratory IDEAL PARADISE ukraine: following the trace

Foto: Claudia Bosse

The installation “Following the trace” consists of three multi media works dealing with the body as medium for mappings and performative interventions: the video installation “following the trace of water”, the audio installation “when you stand still it is the best position in the city” and audios and videos on a series of choreoraphic interventions “applied poetics in urban space”, developed in in Charkiv und Kiev in 2017 as part of a longer reserach of theatercombinat, in collaboration with urban curators.
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HAUPTSACHE SIE SCHIESSEN NICHT (As long as they don’t shoot)

It was supposed to be a hunt. That’s why one was on the lookout, met secretly with informants in dark corners or tried tocall Radovan Karadžić’s daughter in the Republika Srpska Parliament. That was the plan. At the end of their trip through Bosnia, however, Vernesa Berbo, Moritz Sauer and Stephanie Zurstegge had not spoken to the children of the war criminals of the Bosnian war from 1992 to 1995.

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Ausgehend vom dreiteiligen Theaterprojekt DAS KIND UND DER KRIEG schreibt Anja Quickert in ihrer Reportage über alte und neue Kriegserfahrungen in Kiew und Moskau. Erstabdruck in Theater heute 3/2018.

Die Wahrheit der Zeitzeugen
Was hat der Krieg in der Ukraine mit Deutschland zu tun?

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161014 Szenenwechsel-21Thank you for the submitted applications!

Any applications for the programme ‘Change of Scene’ arriving later than 15 February 2018 can not be considered.
The list of supported projects will be published end of May/ beginning of June 2018.

Current Call for Proposals ends Feb. 15!

161014 Szenenwechsel-21

Applications for international cooperative projects in the performing arts between partners from the German-speaking countries and partners in North Africa or Eastern Europe can be submitted until Feb. 15! Applications are welcome from theaters as well as independent companies and artists’ groups working in theater, dance, performance, music theater and puppetry.
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Individual consultation

Bild-für-BeratungstextDo you have questions concerning the current call for proposals? You are welcome to make an appointment (please email to at the German Centre of the International Theater Institute to discuss your proposal.


Lydia from Berlin and Lydia from Bejaia meet in the transit area of Paris airport. There is a cold atmosphere of fear. Each sound is perceived as a threat. It is not simply the fear of being the victim of the next bomb, it is also the uncertainty about the absolute arbitrariness of the current violence. Today everyone can be the victim of any attack. The stories of the two women reflect parts of the historical developments in Europe, especially in East Germany, and North Africa, especially in Algeria, which have contributed to this atmosphere.

German Premiere 2nd of February 2018 at TAK Kreuzberg (in German, Arabic and French with surtitles)